Thus it will be "FIFA 18": its history returns and the "tiki-taka"

After the great leap of quality last year, the next installment of the video game simulation football, which leads the sales of this genre, aims with a greater realism and movements of players and will retain the option of game that has the goal to achieve The stardom with the protagonist Alex Hunter, now customizable

There is an eternal struggle in the video game development industry for improving the graphics presented on the screen every year. Companies that can afford it allocate huge amounts of money to improve them. It seeks, with this, to approach the greatest possible realism, although it is still far from being totally perfect. But the changes that take place are so deep that we want to think that sooner or later the animation will be completely confused with real life.

Fifa 18, " the next installment of the video game simulation football, will have some more evolved graphics than last year by re-betting on the graphics engine Frostbite, the technology used by company sagas as Battlefield. At the technical level, emphasis will be placed on team play and, after being well received, will once again have a career mode, FIFA 18 Coin Generator The Journey (El Camino), which will again feature the character of Alex Hunter, though with customizable elements for Occasion as one of the scarce innovations this season. In the second year of using the graphics engine, it has been possible to add more realism ", promises Samuel Rivera, producer of the game, during the presentation of the video game.

The video game promises more realism in both the players' facial features and their movements, in an attempt to replicate even the type of stride, jump and specific gestures of players of the stature of Cristiano Ronaldo. A team from Electronic Arts, the company owning the game, moved to Madrid to capture the moves of the Real Madrid striker with the specific suit that the developers use. The challenge: to present on screen until its last apex of muscular traction. In this delivery, for example, the size of each player will be differentiated, as "people of a different stature run" differently than tall ones.


The result, according to the first advances of the project, is optimal and more advanced than last year. If in the first delivery in which they bet by this technology the graphics "had more life", in this second year of the use has been obtained to give off more realism ", assured. For this season it has been tried that, in addition to all this, is the most "open" and "accessible" possible to reach all types of audiences regardless of their experience.

Because on this occasion, all that effort within the game is translated into two pillars: personalization and simulation. The first is that depending on the stature, physiognomy, and type of player in real life, his movements both career and his behavior with or without a value will be shown more realistically on the screen. "It has more fluid animations," he explained. It has also been chosen to improve the so-called regionalization of content in such a way that the animations of the different states, clubs, and tier will try to have the personality and the songs that in real life.

Adaptive and with more personality

The message that the project managers transfer is that, although this type of games that are released annually and for this reason can not expect too many technical revolutions, this time has put a greater effort to improve the gameplay. It promises to be a qualitative leap compared to previous versions. And, to justify it, the video game will be based on several pillars: responsiveness (adaptive), the fluidity of control, explosiveness (with more athletic sensations of the player) and, finally, the personality and differentiation of Players. "There is a lot of footballers' personality to make it look more authentic and fun," he insisted.

«Read football»

The video game will have a new dribbling system so that the system that manages the movements returns "more answers" in the conduct of the ball and "has increased the pressure of the beat", all this "to make it more realistic". In this way, the player who is a good bargainer will appreciate the difference, so that when the game is available will eliminate the uniformity of the movements of the set of players. Emphasis has also been placed on team coordination. The computer system will try, for example, to maintain the position of each player to open more spaces or to produce new clearances. The challenge is that the technical drawing is reflected on the screen and serves, in turn, "to read football and know when to anticipate the ball."

The new positioning system of the player will give a new "feel" in each game played. Differences in each team's play styles will be "more apparent" in order to channel "more fluid and spectacular" moves. In fact, changes will be made in the play areas, allowing for example that long centers do not produce such pronounced parabolas or prioritize the possibility, for example, of volleys and have trajectories closer to reality.

More team play

All this, with the aim of making a more beautiful play or, as the master of the retransmissions, Andrés Montes, who has died, appeal to the "tikitaka". The "beautiful game", as it is known in Brazil. The defensive area, the system will be more benevolent: try to move the ball and not so much to hit the opponent. In terms of adaptive artificial intelligence, players will try to better calculate their activity around the ball to find answers corresponding to each situation, such as searching for the clear, better support or even possibilities To combine plays and walls. FIFA 18 Hack and Cheats

Plan changes

Among other changes introduced in "Fifa 18" will emphasize that, for the first time in the saga, you can make changes to players during a game in a faster way and without stopping the period of time. "You can design your own changes at the beginning or check the player's real-time information," he said. Faced with the uniformity of the animations in the stadiums, the next installment will ensure that the celebrations and reactions in the stands will be more realistic. "Regionalization is fundamental to give him that longed for personality," said Matthew Prior, creative director of "Fifa 18".

New options and personalization of your story

Following the "welcome" of the story mode last year, Electronic Arts has decided to keep in the next installment the presence of a single player mode where you can take Alex Hunter as the protagonist of the passage of promise to football stars, although Will be introduced slight improvements and new customization options in their dress and facial aspects, something lacked it last year. There will be six differentiated goals and the conversations and responses in each of them will influence the personality of the character. An interesting aspect is that this mode will also have local multiplayer.